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ENVR 210: Principles of Environmental Economics: #2: Identifying Issues & Stakeholders

Brainstorming / Mind-Mapping

Once you have chosen your policy, you need to look up some basic information about it and start mapping out the answers to questions such as:

  • Who benefits from this plan/program?
  • What is the ultimate goal of this plan/program?
  • How will this plan/program work?
  • What does the plan/program include?
  • When was the plan/program created?



You will see in the diagram at the bottom of the page how Dr. Kolstoe drew out such questions/answers for the 'Program Open Space' in Maryland......  



The answers to these questions will give you the keywords you will need to have written down somewhere when you are ready to search for scholarly sources (aka journal articles) on your chosen state's policy.  


Using the answer below to answer these questions, some relevant keywords for Program Open Space are as follows:

  • Maryland
  • "Program Open Space" *
  • "Department of Natural Resources"


Once you have some relevant keywords related to your state's program to get you started, move along to Tab #3: Searching EconLit - and work your way through the tutorial you will find there -  which will specifically help you to find the scholarly sources (aka peer-reviewed journal articles) that you are required to have to complete this term project/paper.  


* You will note that I have put quotation marks around my keywords that are phrases of two or more words.  There is more information on why I did this - which is very important - in the tab up top called Search Tips & Tricks.  Make sure you read it over, what you learn there will make a massive difference in your library research for this term project and all of your other research projects!  


Program Open Space