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ENVR 210: Session Introduction & Assignment

+Library Instruction Goals

This guide should help you:

  • Form an approach to initiating an assignment.
  • Use keywords related to your group's question to search.
  • Distinguish the differences between popular and peer-reviewed articles.
  • Explore the library's information resources.
  • Evaluate the information you are finding on your topic.  
  • Create an annotated bibliography based on your information collection.  

+Assignment and research approach

Sometimes, a structured approach to research can help to organize ideas and the way you think about information sources:  

1. Explore topic basics (casual web searching)
2. Background (library catalog: books)
3. Current research (library databases: journal articles)
4. Support your argument (source citation)
5. Drafts & revisions (research librarians & learning commons)

In today's library session you will be working on your annotated bibliography - looking for books and peer-reviewed journal articles on your group's research question.  Specifically, we will address items number 2, 3, and 4 from the list above.  

Manage & Organize

EasyBib Academic Edition

Create an account in EasyBib and let's start to manage our information sources for this assignment in APA format!


Please keep the EasyBib tab open at the top of your web browser.