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CHEM 403 - Seminar: Thursday, October 10th

Today's Focus

1.  Review options for patent searching.

2.  Discuss predatory publishing. 

3.  Discuss Retraction Watch.

4.  SciFinder:

  • Create a SciFinder account - if you don't have one already.  


  • Divide into teams of two - if you have never used SciFinder before, you must partner up with someone who has!  Once you are in a team, work to build the either of the two structures shown in the reaction below, and search for two journal articles that include either one.    


  • After you find your two journal articles for the above structure, work to find spectra in Sci Finder.  Identify which spectra (IR, UV-Vis, NMR) you are able to find for NDGA as well as the spectra you are able to find for an additional molecule of your choice.


5.  With any additional time left today, start working to complete the homework questions handed out at the beginning of class.  Make sure you put the articles into Ref Works to properly complete the ACS citation style portion of the assignment  – then follow the directions on the homework assignment itself to make sure you submit the remaining pieces accordingly.  You will be required to submit your full answers to all of the questions listed *plus the specific research question you were assigned during the last library instruction session* in one large electronic file via MyClasses by November 3rd.