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Most of your faculty will not allow you to use Wikipedia as it is still not accepted as a credible source.

Check out this video that illustrates why Wikipedia is not a valid source for academic work:

Here's a picture that I've shared in class. Check out the Assignment tab. Your class assignments are listed there along with the due dates. It is imparitive that you start working on your literature review in advance. Remember, it takes time to get articles through interlibrary loan-- it is NOT an overnight service.


Although, if you do wait till the day before it's due, we'll still be happy to help you!  We're cool like that :)



Hi, I'm Mou Chakraborty! This guide is specifically for Dr. Keetha's students in CADR 301 International Conflict and Conflict Resolution course. My contact info is on the right. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.





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