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BIOL 350 - Cell Biology / Williams: Home

... a guide for Dr. Gene Williams' Cell Biology class!


Welcome to the Cell Biology Biology Guide! 

If you do not find what you are looking for within this site, please feel free to contact SU's Science Librarian - Susan Brazer. 

Contacting Susan

I can be reached by e-mail or phone - feel free to use either!  I am not always in my office, but I do check my phone messages:



My e-mail goes directly to my iPhone, so I am much more likely to return an e-mail message quickly than I am a phone message!



Welcome, everyone! the time you finish working your way through this guide, you will have developed some *invaluable* research skills, such as:




  • the ability to turn a research question into a viable, searchable hypothesis statement
  • the ability to undersand what information sources you need in order to satisfy your particular research needs
  • where to search in order to best utlilize your precious research time, and also to maximize your chances of research success
  • how to take your final list of chosen search results and transform them into a tidy annotated bibliography



You will learn *all* of these research skills by working your way through the numbered tabs up at the top!  

Start with tab #1 and work your way up from there!