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BIOL 326 - Astrobiology / Williams: Astrobiology


The study of living beings, both on Earth and as they may occur elsewhere in the universe.  This course uses a highly interdisciplinary approach to explore the properties of life, how life may have arisen, the evolution of Earth and its biosphere, and the possible origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe.  The past, present and future astrobiology-related activities of space agencies around the world ar also surveyed.  

credit by Steve.
 Used by Creative Commons license permission.  



Welcome, everyone!

The goal of this guide and of your library session is to help you understand how to go about finding some primary scientific literature (aka journal articles) for you to use as annotated bibliography and presentation topics.  Just work your way through the tabs in this guide - starting with #1, and you are guaranteed success!  

In this class you will be looking up your Astrobiology-themed NASA Mission, and searching around for related information in journal articles.  


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You will also be working in (assigned) teams, and will be presenting to the class on a chapter from your Astrobiology Primer v2.0.  You will be using primary scientific articles to supplement your presentation.  


Welcome to your Astrobiology guide!

If you do not find what you are looking for within this site, please feel free to contact SU's Science Librarian - Susan Brazer. 

Contacting Susan

I can be reached by e-mail or phone - feel free to use either!  I am not always in my office, but I do check my phone messages:



My e-mail goes directly to my iPhone, so I am much more likely to return an e-mail message quickly than I am a phone message!