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BIOL 211 - Microbiology: Cite Sources

In the research process: CITE SOURCES

1. Current scientific scholarly conversations  (Find Articles)
2. Support your argument (Cite Sources)
3. Drafts & revisions (Research & Writing Help)


American Society of Microbiology

References should be assembled according to the rules of the American Society of Microbiology.  


All non-general facts require citation, so the reader can evaluate your use of those facts.  The citation should be parenthetical after the fact is stated in the text, usually at the end of a sentence.  The citation should include the last name of the first author of the reference and the year of publication.  


NEW! ProQuest RefWorks

RefWorks is a "next-generation" citation management tool that can help researchers cite sources in all of styles most commonly used at SU like APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, ACS, AMA, and thousands of others. With this tool, researchers can gather, organize, read, annotate, and cite their research sources. Plus, RefWorks creates an online collaboration space that enables groups of researchers to work together from any location.

For help with the account creation process and getting the most out of this tool, visit SU Libraries' RefWorks guide.

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